The Big idea!

We all know that there have been countless different series' and producers such as Winning Moves, FX Schmid, Carta Mundi, Dubreq and Waddingtons to name but a few.

The basic idea of Trumps and Quartets was to teach while you play and during the 70's the Dubreq series formed the basis of what we know today in the UK, being played in the play grounds with the losers losing their marbles or their conkers or in the worse case scenario, their pack of trumps! It was a very basic form of gambling on a school boy level.

We all remember the themes of the packs as well and from the very earliest form of Trumps and Quartets right up to and including the first year of Winning Moves, cars, motorbikes, tanks, trains and aeroplanes ruled the game. The 80's under the Waddington's brand broke the rules by introducing Quartet packs on Horses, Cats, Dogs with the intention to encourage girls to buy the games as well, there was even a Barbie pack!

Since these early days things have changed with the introduction of Winning Moves but as with the earlier packs, have become predictable and going against the grain with the dependency upon licensed packs. Although this idea to serious collectors is like a slap in the face, the brand has easily taken over as being the most popular brand with the characteristic case and very attractive cards.

So, what can Ultimate Trumps bring to the party? Well, we can guarantee that there will be no licensing, helping to keep the costs down. The packs will all be chosen by you the fans ensuring that you get the packs that you want. The subject matter will all be real, searchable topics such as Nutrition, Countries of the World, Fish, Whales and Dolphins.

So, why these titles? Like the early packs they will make a game a learning aid. The cards will all have factual information and statistics based on current research. The rear of the cards will be able to be put together to create one big image that will contain even more information about the packs with such things as maps to show where the places are in the world.

One more thing that the Ultimate Trumps packs will bring you will be packs that may be seen as controversial but no less educational. Packs such as Prisons, Crime in the UK, Torture and Punishment, Famous Criminals, Gangsters, Pirates and Highwaymen, War. There will be a number of Series, within which these titles will sit.

We all know just how frustrating duplicated packs are with just a few different cards as we saw in the latter stages of the Dubreq Series' and the Waddingtons series and now with the Winning Moves series where we have packs based on films and the sequels and prequels safe in the knowledge that they will sell.

Ultimate Trumps guarantees that you get to choose the packs from a list that we combine and and advertise along with a poll for you to participate in and we also guarantee that there will be no pack 2, pack 3 which contain the same cards, stats or images.

Ultimate Trumps is the Trumps of the collectors and fans, that being all of you!




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Countries of the World

The next title will be Haunted UK and we are working on this right now. Sadly, the Nutrition pack will be delayed, but will be released in the future!

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Definition ultimate - most extreme or important because either the original or final, or the best.