Top of the Class

Higher education

Trumps are also helpful when you are at college.

Trumps can help to stimulate ideas and encourage you to seek more information.

There is always something useful to learn with Ultimate Trumps!

Family Game

Trumps is a game that is easy to play and can be played by all the family, both young and old.

Happy Families can also be played instead of Trumps and the card backs have puzzles and even more information!

Play anywhere

Trumps can be played anywhere and with anyone including your friends!

Why not have competitions! Test each other on certain statistics.

Trumps need not be just a card game for kids!

Learning has never been easier!

Everyone knows how easy it is to remember something that has been enjoyable and fun. Learning something new is made easier when you don’t realise that you are learning and before you know  it, you get to be the first to raise your hand in class!

Ultimate Trumps encourages you to want to find out more, much more than the little bits of info on the cards and through our website. Scan the QR Code and find more info.

We are certain that you will see the simplicity that Ultimate Trumps brings to learning.

Arrange a competition

Why not arrange a competition to  challenge children or your friends!

It is so easy with Ultimate Trumps, covering huge areas of  the curriculum, from science, history , politics, wildlife, Geography and much much more.

Contact Information

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Trumps is not just for the young!

Factual, educational and

fun topics!

You’re never too old to learn something new!

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